Available courses

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  1. Have the main knowledge to use Adobe software programs.
  2. Recognise the effect of typography in design.
  3. Know how to illustrate and animate.
  4. Apply their knowledge to design brands as well as content for online marketing campaigns.
  5. Have the ability to brand themselves as designers.
  6. Develop their ideas to start their own brands or companies.

Aim: To use graphic design in various aspects but mainly in branding and content creation.

Generative Question: Does graphic design matter?

Understanding Goals:

  • To embrace a new approach to design and be creative.
  • To know the impact of design on actual experience. 
  • To test and work with graphic design tools.


There is no final exam or midterms.

Assessment is based on:

1. Weekly discussions and tasks: 40%   
2. Collected portfolio: 20%
3. Students can choose between either a group project or doing a presentation. 20%
4. Individual final project. 20%

Grade distribution:

Weeks 1-3: 10%
Weeks 4-6: 15%
Weeks 7-9: 20%
Weeks 10-12: 25%
Overall performance: 30%


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